Universal health care — Everybody in, nobody out — Health care is a human right!

Join our group to advocate for a comprehensive, equitable, publicly funded, high quality, universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon.

Our next (August 5) regular meeting will be held as usual at 7 pm on the first Tuesday of the month at the First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St., Eugene.

For updates on local HCAO actions & events, please visit our Facebook page.  You don’t have to register with Facebook to see our page – https://www.facebook.com/hcao.eugene”

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Single-payer is a way of achieving universal health care. It is a health insurance system in which the government pays all medical bills, financed by taxes, which replace premiums. Health care providers remain private.

You can find your state legislator here.

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C-SPAN interview with Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders on his single payer bill

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Obamacare Takes Us Only Part-Way

July 9, 2014

Published in The Register Guard opinion page July 9, 2014
by Lou Favreau, HCAO Eugene

Don’t give up on health care reform. What the politicians and lobbyists have saddled us with is health care that isn’t concerned with health, and isn’t caring.

Obamacare gives a glimpse of what might be by getting rid of exclusions for pre-existing conditions for most (but not all) people, allowing children to stay on their parents’ coverage until age 26, and other helpful tweaks. But it’s largely a big business giveaway.

Wonder why the medical industry isn’t speaking out against Obamacare? Maybe it’s because when fully implemented, Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Medical Tech will have 40 million new clients — and a government financial guarantee.

As long as Beltway lobbyists keep persuading (read: paying) members of the Senate and the House to grease the skids for insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and medical technology rip-off artists, we’ll continue to have substandard, expensive “best-in-the-world” health care.

If reform won’t happen at the federal level, maybe it’s time for Oregonians to think about other ways for our state to provide better health care for more people for less money.

We deserve better, much better. Check out Health Care for All Oregon (hcao.org) for some desperately needed new ideas.


Look ahead to single-payer system

May 13, 2014
Published in The Register Guard opinion page May 13, 2014
by Marc Shapiro, HCAO Eugene vice-chair

Oregon has squandered about $250 million of our money in failing to create a website for Oregonians to use to enroll in health insurance programs. Even if it had succeeded, none of the money would have provided health care.

Imagine a system in which we’re all automatically enrolled in a universal health care delivery system. Imagine walking into a provider’s office and being asked, “What can we do to help you?” instead of “What insurance do you have?”

All the money spent on enrolling people in insurance plans, advertising noncompeting insurance products and finding ways to deny claims could be directed toward providing health care.

Under such a system, providers could spend more time caring for patients instead of processing paperwork. Providers’ support staff and related office space could be substantially reduced and, with it, much of the overhead now included in the cost of care.

On Wednesday, economics professor Gerald Friedman of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst will provide a detailed look at the economics of a single-payer health care system (Medicare for All), at 7 p.m. at The Very Little Theatre, 2350 Hilyard St. in Eugene

When fully implemented, the Affordable Care Act will leave about 20 million people without health insurance coverage, including 200,000 in Oregon, and a large portion of ACA enrollees will have high deductibles and co-pays.

For anyone who wants to know where we go from here, Wednesday’s talk will be a unique opportunity to get some of their questions answered.


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